Mother with depression and Anxiety

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Im a 28 year old mother of 1 who just turned 3! Im having a really hard time dealing with depression and anxiety issues. I am on medication but just feel so uneasy and sad everyday. My daughter does not listen very well at all which i know is typical, but it makes things worse for me. I struggle with the fact that I'm not doing a good enough job as a mother and house keeper, I work part to full time and never have anytime to myself, I dont have any girlfriends to talk to and relate to and im just having such a hard time.


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Nicole - posted on 10/25/2014




I am so sorry to hear what your going through. Depression and anxiety can be tough and it makes it hard to function or enjoy life let alone deal with problems when they come up. Have you tried going to a counselor? Medications help to an extent but anxiety is something that requires cognitive therapy to overcome because you essentially have to rewire the working of your brain. I had anxiety issues for a long time and would get frustrated when medications wouldn't work, I knew I should go see someone but would put it off, finally I knew I HAD to go and what a difference it makes. It is important to find someone your comfortable talking to so you might not find your perfect match in a counselor the first time. As for the social support see if there are any groups for moms in your area or other ways of finding a support system, feeling isolated could be contributing to your depression and anxiety. It is so important to take care of yourself so you can enjoy being a parent to your daughter :)

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