Motherly Instinct!!?

Brittany M. - posted on 10/14/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Okay so I recently moved in with my fiancés family to help take care of his father. He has a 16 year old sister who jus had a baby girl the 25th of September. Now I don't know this but this is how I was even being a young mother...I spent everyday with my child even when I was recovering from my C-section. I couldn't stand not being near her and just bonding.
Her baby isn't even a month old yet, the 2nd day she had her home my mother and mother in law where taking care of her OVER NIGHT. Then shes only feeding her 2ozs every 3 hours yes doctor recommended but the baby cries when its gone for more and all she does is give it the chipone (pacifier) she doesn't properly bathe her. Recently the most that made me upset. She ran out of formula (supposedly dried up a day after having her SHE WASNT PUMPING!) And when she was asked what she was going to do she said wait til the 3rd...It was a day away.!
I thought after having a baby you had motherly instinct I know when I had my princess grew up ALOT and fast.
I don't see her daughter knowing who she is until she's old enough to understand.
I don't know whether to say something to her about what shes missing out on by letting someone else raise her child or let her see for herself what she missed.


Sarah - posted on 10/14/2013




I would keep out of it. Not your mess to get into. Also saying something to her is not going to change anything. She will only not like you and say you are judging her. She is acting 16 yrs old. The baby is suffering due to this and there might be something that needs to be said if baby is being neglected. But if someone is tending to the baby be it her or the grandmas then I would stay out of it. If baby is going without formula for a day, etc. then I would say you need to take action by either talking to family members or calling DHS or both if things don't change.

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