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I have a question for other moms out there . I am 18 years old and have a 3 month old , me and his father are not together and i am dating someone else . Is there a law stating my son can not be around my boyfriend ?


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At this point, it depends on what your custody agreement states. If it's in the court orders that your child not be around any new boyfriends (or girlfriends in daddy's case), then yes, it's technically "against the law". What it would actually be is a violation of a court order, and you could be held in contempt, and your orders revisited.

And, if you do not have custody orders in place, I'd suggest you get that and support arrangements set down by the courts so that you're getting child support, and both biological parents are coparenting the child.

But, if it's not in a court agreement, and you've got a new man, it's ok (not advisable, in my opinion, to bring new men in and out of kiddo's life). I'd be concerned, making sure that this relationship was for sure going to work before I even thought about bringing my kid into it.


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Queen Of My - posted on 10/02/2013




I don't think there is an actual law unless that has been stated in your custody agreement. Your ex may not want random men around his child (understandably) and if the tables were turned you may want him to treat the situation with a certain amount of delicacy. So I would use discretion when considering when to introduce them and how much time they spend together. As a child with divorced parents, I can tell you it has impacted me in my adult life watching men come in and out of my moms life. Tread carefully.

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