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Hi everyone! Who goes to Mothers Group? I was just wondering what are some of things everyone does. My group is running out of ideas and in need of something different to do. Our bubs have all just turned 1 year.
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Katherine - posted on 03/01/2011




Library story time, kindermusik, most book stores have story times.
Bowling, super fun with a one year old seriously. They give you the ramp and you just have your LO push it. Any kind of kid friendly organizations like, we have Jungle Java here and many others. You may want to google some in your area.

You can have play dates where you make a craft each time (which you've probably already done).

That's all I've got.

Louise - posted on 03/01/2011




Do you mean ideas for the mums or the kids? We do messy play in the summer where each mum brings a jelly and the toddlers investigates it's textures and just generally make a huge mess outside that is washed away with a hose pipe. The kids love it. We also do shaving foam with glitter in it with the older kids.Painted foot prints for those that can walk. We just generally we make a lot of mess and don't worry about it.

We mums also socialise together and baby sit for each other to keep costs down and every couple of months we go out as a group to a place of interest and get better prices because we are buying in bulk. I hope this has given you some ideas.

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