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Lisa - posted on 03/17/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




looking for advice about a gifted 7th grader who doesn't want to take gifted classes until high school. part of the reason is she doesn't want to do the extra work, but also doesn't want to be segregated with just a gifted kids wants to be with her friends who are not gifted....coming up on a deadline to apply for the gifted classes for 8th grade...


Sarah - posted on 03/17/2015




Could you work out a compromise of doing some advance classes and some not advanced? She does have a good point on trying to fit in with the rest of her classmates and 7/8th grades are when that tends to be the most important. On the other hand you do want to keep he challenged and advancing. I would sit down and figure out the most important classes you would want her taking and which ones are not AS important. Finding a balance between academics and social is important. Both are equally important for growth and development. So you also want to balance that with where she is at age wise. As she gets into high school the focus does change some. Social circles have formed and though there is still a focus on fitting in it is not as much as it was in junior high. Academics also become more of a focus as it gets closer to graduation and college.

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