Mouthy 9 year old.Won't listen to me. Wefight all the time,in the morning before school and after school. She just won't listen to me,always snide remarkk about everything.I,ve tryed everything to get her to stop but nothing works. Last night befor going to the store i told her she wasn't going to get anything. I only had x ampunt of money and i wasn't going to buy her anything. Well she got mouthy in the store at the check out. She wanted something and i told her NO.


Chet - posted on 10/15/2014




It takes two people to fight. To some extent, you need to choose your battles, and decide not to participate in arguments that don't matter. If she's snide or rude, don't be snide or rude back. Break the cycle. Make it a point to be calm, and respectful with her. Be firm, not angry.

Model the behaviour you want to see. If you don't want your daughter to be confrontational with you try not to be confrontation with her. If she forgets and asks for something at the store don't yell no, calmly say you only brought enough for the things you need. Maybe sympathize with your daughter that it would be nice to get the things she wants even though it isn't possible. Maybe give her the change if you can and tell her she can add it to the change you get next time to buy something for herself then.

Try to respect how your daughter feels, and help her deliver her message in a better way. It's okay to be frustrated, or angry, or sad, or hurt. She can have those emotions, you need to help her learn to say that she's feeling that way without taking it out on you by being rude or mean.

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