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My 4 year old son loves Super Heros and recently we went to see The Avengers. He has seen Iron Man, Spiderman, the Hulk, and Captain America. I never thought about it before, but a parent brought it to my attention that none of these movies are rated "G" or "PG". I don't see this as an issue as he knows the difference between movies and real life. Thoughts?


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We have always watched varieties of movies with our kids, and used each as an opportunity to illustrate "real vs movie" and appropriate actions for all situations.

I guess I look at it this way. I'm their mother. The state isn't, the organization that "rates" the movies isn't, nor is the lady standing in line pointing out that she thinks that the movie is inappropriate for your kids.

I parent my kids in the manner that I believe I will give them the best tools to succeed in their lives. If that means that they get to see a PG-13 movie when they're 8, and we discuss implications, etc, then so be it!

Did you know that the "ratings" are not federally mandated? That ANY movie can run without a rating? They just get the ratings because they are afraid that the box office returns will be low if they are "unrated"

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The reason why there are parental guidelines is because movies are not just about characters that aren't real. There are violent themes, sexual themes, and language that young kids can not understand. You are forming who they will be at this age. It's a question parent need to ask themselves if they think these themes in the movies are what they want influencing their child. Personally we monitor what our kids watch, even the G Rated movies. I would rather I be their influence on how they view violence, sex, self esteem, etc in the world than a movie.

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My kids wouldn't have been able to handle it as age 4, but they can at 10 and 11. This is how I look at it - if you don't see behavior problems, he isn't have nightmares, and he is quiet and well behaved in the theater, then this is a personal parenting choice to see a PG13 at a young age.

If he's acting out, getting scared or can't sit still without talking for the entire movie, then you need to rethink the plan.

Related to the topic; I like the website Common Sense Media for their detailed reviews. When you mouse-over categories, they tell you exactly why they are rated that way. Also user reviews. The Avengers, for example:

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