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I am 45 remarried to a great guy. I have three childrenn with my ex ages 17,14 and 12. My current husband and I have a sweet 5 year old son together. my ex and i live in the same community with him and his wife and my older kids visit every week. My husband and I are in financial troubke and now he has been offered a job 20 minutes away and they supply 2 bedroom housing. He says we need to take it as we have no choice and kids will have to live with their Dad and I would visit couple of times each week. Its hard on me cause I have always been there for them to pick them up after school etc....please help me with some good advice ?


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If the job is only 20 minutes away why can't you still keep the same arrangement with the kids? Have them stay in the same school, but just arrange it differently so that either you are picking them up from the school or dropping them off in the morning. I grew up in a small town that did not have a school. The school was located in a town that was 20 minutes away. Just because my parents lived in a different town then the school did not mean life ended. Just meant there was a bit more juggling when it came to school and school events. 20 minutes is just 20 minutes that does not take much time and does not mean life as you know it ends. Just means you are moving to a new the other side of the town kind of thing. In fact, the town I now live in is much like that. I have many friends that have moved from one side of the town to another and it is about a 20 to 30 minute drive. Not much changes in their life except for a new house and it either taking longer or shorter to get where they want to go. Some of those friends continue to send their children to the school on my side of town as it is a REALLY good school. They just drive them there and pick them up.

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