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Lesley - posted on 05/31/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




I lived in the USA for 39 years, and always said, when my children were finally grown, I would move back to the UK, as I was never happy in the USA. I finally got that opportunity, but now all I do is cry, because I miss them all so much, even though my girls' didn't live that close to me, and my oldest son, now lives in LA. Only one son, lived with me for financial reasons, but at 28 he wanted to be more independent, and got the opportunity to move in with an old school friend, when I sold my apt. But I feel so guilty, even though I am now with my sisters' and brothers, I feel I abandoned my children, even though they say they wanted me to move back, as they knew I was always unhappy. Thankful for the Internet, Whattsapp, I talk to my younger son, most mornings, and there's Skype.....and yet, I missed my sister's when I was over there. My twin sister had Cancer when I was there, and now has been diagnosed again; so I am so torn. My children have been very supportive and loving, and try to reassure me it's ok, but I am so extremely SAD as to where my loyalty lies.


Michelle - posted on 05/31/2015




My Dad went to the US in October 2000 for a 6 month work contract (we are Australian) and has lived there ever since. I miss him all the time but he has made a life for himself and found a wonderful woman.
They make sure they come down here every 2nd year and last year we managed to take all 3 kids to the US and Canada to see all the family (my husband is Canadian).
Your children are adults and now have their own lives to live, you haven't abandoned them at all. My husband finds it hard being on the other side of the world to his parents, especially since they aren't getting any older. It was his choice to move away and we have to make do with phone calls and the internet.
Your children would understand that your sister needs you more at the moment so don't feel guilty. You be there for your sister and help her through this.

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