Moving while about to pop any day and can't find a place to live! Help!

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My husband decided we needed to save money so I could stay home with our first baby so we decided to move to a new apartment or townhome. He misunderstood me and put in our 30 day notice with our current place before we had another apartment lined up. We have less than a month to find a safe place and move. To make things crazier, I am 34 weeks pregnant with our first child and I may have to be induced in 3 weeks due to medical reasons.
I've searched everywhere but I am struggling to find a SAFE place in our price range (we would prefer $900/month). We have heard Virginia Beach is safer than Norfolk. I've been searching for hours and am struggling to find places that don't have all kinds of crime and sex offenders around them :(
I've tried AHRN to find places but am not having any luck.
Can anyone recommend safe areas to live in the Norfolk/VA Beach location? Please help :(


Guest - posted on 11/07/2014




I don't know that area either, but I agree with Sarah. Talk to your landlord and see if you can rescind the notice--usually if they don't have another renter lined up yet, they will let you renew your lease anyway.

As far as affordable and safe, in most areas it is a balance--you pay more for a place in a safe environment, and less for a place in more dangerous environments.

Sarah - posted on 11/07/2014




I don't know those areas, so can't help you with recommendations. But I would suggest talking to your landlord and explaining the situation and that the 30 day notice was premature. This might be the better angle to take things instead of stressing out and trying to find a place with so many other things going on at this moment.


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