Mozzie Bites

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My 18month old son got 4 mosquito bites on his face last night. They have become more red over the day and look quite fierce and angry but don't seem to itch or worry him. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to reduce the redness, in the past the bites have seemed to be red for weeks. Poor boy looks like he's had a fight with a paint brush!


Kellie - posted on 03/03/2010




get him some antihistamine medicine (childrens paedamin), it helps with the allergic reactions to insect bite and stings.... my daughter gets stung real bad, one bite and the area swells up like a balloon. i have treid around 10 different creams and the most recent one is fantastic. it is called SOOV, it is a pain and itch relief gel with antiseptic. it takes the redness away and the itch straight away...

good luck...

Sneaky - posted on 03/03/2010




Hi Victoria, my dr had one glance at my girls last week and said 'Disprin!'. This was confusing since a) we were not there for the mozzie bites and b) you can not give aspirin to children, lol!

He cleared it up straight away by explaining that if you take a soluble aspirin and add a drop of water (or lick it if you are out and about) and then use the 'paste' that is made as a cream it should reduce the swelling and itchiness. I have tried it on my eldest twice now and she still scratches but the redness and swelling seem to go down quicker. I have tried the stingose and it does not seem to work!

One thing I have been using with both my girls is Phernergen (sp?) medication. It works as an antihistamine to decrease the swelling. You can buy it over the counter for over 2yr or get a script from your dr for under 2yr. One of the side effects (and a bonus if you ask me!) is that it can cause drowsiness.

Zyrtec (I think . . . it is one of the bigger antihistamine brands anyway) makes a liquid dose that is OK to use from one year plus. Non-drowsy though :o) It should also decrease the swelling and make bub more comfortable.

Last, but not least, prevention is key :o) Of course if the sneaky little buggers are going to get in you aren't going to notice until bub gets bitten, but you can try a mozzie zapper plugged into the wall of his room. My hubby also did a ton of research and found a web site called 'no more flies'. They do citronella mozzie repellent stickers that you can just stick to the back of bubs shirt (or on his bed head) so you don't have to spray him down with insect repellent. You can order them online or find your nearest stockist from the website.

I hope this helps and good luck with this. If you come across any old wives tales or other alternatives I would love to hear them, I am willing to try almost anything!

Tiffany - posted on 03/02/2010




My son use to have reactions like that to mosquitos and it looked terrible. Our pedi told me to use a topical antihistamine cream like benadryl on the takes the itch and swelling out of it. Make sure to call pedi to see what milligrams are safe to use though. Diaper rash cream also helps some too.

Danielle - posted on 03/02/2010




my daughter gets a bad reaction when she gets bitten...It swells up soo bad and lasts for a week. where she gets bitten ends up being twice the size and there is little circulation there as it turns a weird purple colour like a bruise...

Howeve, sometimes she gets just huge welts and other times she gets the horrible swelling. This is apparently due to the mozzie being dirty so its not a clean sting ( lol,,i didnt believe the dr when he told me)....

The dr ended up giving me this special cream due to the extent of the swelling and bruising...however just normal stingos or antihistamine cream...check with ur dr first as it is not recommended for under 2yrs of age....
Also maybe something like alo vera cream...
like they say prevention is better then cure. So just make sure you put insect repellant on every 2-3hrs ( depending on brand)...If u live in aust you will need to do this for a while as the weather has been crazy so mozzies are EVERYWHERE!!.

Tcordukes - posted on 03/02/2010




my daughter is allergic to mozzies she swells up and they look 3 times the size as any other normal bite they go red a just look bad, i get an medicine from the doc when she gets them bad however i do just try and let her body fight them it's self but the medicine does work so i would take your little one to the doc just to see if thats what it is..


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Danielle - posted on 03/02/2010




i thought you might me in Australia cause of the term Mozzies,lol....

No problem at all :)...good luck..hope it goes away soon :)

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Thanks Danielle, I am on the far south coast of NSW and there has been a Ross River Fever warning recently due to floods. I try to be very vigilant with mozzies, using repellent, spraying their room etc but one little bugger got in! Don't think the bites are too bad but in the past they have taken ages to go and kinda turn in to little bruises but don't swell. I'll try the aloe vera.

[deleted account]

Sounds like he has an allergic reaction to the mozzie bites and I don't think there's much you can do about that unfortunately (other then trying not to get bitten). Both my husband and youngest have that (but in stead of redness they get huge swellings, very charming too) and the doctor said it would become less worse in time. Still waiting though... ;-(

Jess - posted on 03/02/2010




I would get him checked out, i was like that but mine were worse so worse that it was fatal a few times , i would get him checked out if i was u

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