mt son has never slept all night and now he is having night terrors! i read that you should wake them up before it happens!!!! they happen at so many different times of the night that it would be impossible to do that!!!!!


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Chrystal - posted on 02/29/2012




My son has night terrors every so often. Like the others have said don't wake them up I did with the first few not knowing what was happening and it made it so much worse I could barely hold him with all the kicking and it broke my heart to not be able to help him. It's best to just be with them to make sure they can't hurt themselves till it passes. Most often they happen on nights when his routine has changed and he's over tired so I do my best to not get him to off schedule.

Connie - posted on 02/29/2012




my nephews also had night not wake them up and do not try to restrain them it will make them worse. make sure they get plenty of regular sleep and try to keep the room free of obstacles they can hurt themselves on. you can talk to them during, it seems to help sometimes but if it is any comfort they are harder on you then on him. good luck and God bless!

Sarah - posted on 02/29/2012




My son has had night terrors since he was an infant. DO NOT wake them up! It can cause extreme distress if you do. I usually just cuddle him when he starts crying and whisper "shh, shh" in his ear until he calms down. I go in to keep him safe so his thrashing doesn't injure himself, but usually they don't have any memory of the incident. I've found a good bedtime routine and an earlier bed time (more sleep) helps to decrease the incidents.

Jessica - posted on 02/29/2012




My daughter, who is now 3.5, and has never been a great sleeper, has night terrors too. They are loud and sometimes they wake up my baby, but she has no memory of them in the morning. She also has no idea that I am in her room at night when they are going on. I just go in and sit at her side until she settles and then go back to bed. There is no way I could pre-empt them since they happen randomly. I have found that if she doesn't have a good sleep the day/night before she is much more likely to have nightmares or night terrors at night. I don't really have any suggestions, but I know where you're coming from! :)

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