Multi-generational Adoption

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Hi- My name is Kathy and I was adopted at age 16 after being in foster care from the age of 4. My birthmother was also adopted when she was 3 months old in 1936. I relinquished (don't like this word) my oldest daughter at birth. Some people have lives that are planned and actually go according to that plan. Regardless of MY plans, it would seem another path was made for me and my family. YEARS ago when I started college, the one career I didn't want was in social work. One guess where I landed. Yep, I've been working in the field in one capacity or another for the last....25 years. I've been a foster parent, worked in a group home, and for the last 10 years, worked with families in crisis in the Wraparound Program as a Support Counselor, Parent Partner. After finally earning my MSW, I now work as a Facilitator. I haven't blogged before so this is a new adventure. I'm here because it is my passion to support families who struggle with the challenges that can come with adoption. My own family story would likely have been much different had there been someone to support us as there is support today. If you need answers or resources please don't hesitate to respond. We'll walk through it together.


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You might not have chosen or wished to work in Social Work but you might have been lead there by God because He knows you will understand the needs of those you will help in their need for support and guidance. So do not fret that you are in Social Work but be proud that you followed a path that was set before you and that you can be of great support and guidance to others. Be of great joy you are loved and you are cherished you are special and unique. Anything you lost will be returned to you many times over. Forgive yourself for any faults of your past and do not let them weigh you down. Your future starts daily it is up to you to decide to see it as a day of opportunity or a day of regret. CHOOSE OPPORTUNITY. Be joyful that you have another day to be of value.
God Bless you.

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