Mutula masturbation (boyfriend and myself (me?)

Pauline - posted on 04/27/2016 ( 1 mom has responded )




Being a YOUNG DIVORCED gal I still remember the "dating process" in HIGH SCHOOL. It was fun and it was of course awkward; very much so. Downright embarrassing at times! Boys being boys - ya know.

SO I am back 'dating' and am perhaps in need of a "tutor" when it comes to the situation of "pleasure"? NOT MY "pleasure" mind you ..... but HIS!

I am NOT a 'prude', but having a guy out of the blue suggest that we BOTH "physically pleasure" our selves while "sharing the act" with one another seems TOO "NEW" for me; especially at this early age of the relationship! In fact it is too much at any stage as far as my "mind" tells me. Perhaps OK for the committed and long term folks - but for a "couple" on their early dating scenes it seems TOO MUCH!

SHORT VERSION: "Tom" suggested that IN PLACE OF INTERCOURSE we simply watch some "adult erotica" (is there ANOTHER kind of "erotica"?) and .......MUTUALLY "pleasure our bodies" without the worry of "doing the nasty"! NO PRESSURE he says..... since we BOTH know what "we like" then "getting off" should be ever so EASY and fulfilling! I AM NOT SO CERTAIN! I still see MASTURBATION of just that "masturbation" and as such it should not be the precursor to the actual sex act!

I think I painted the picture fairly well.... so I am VERY curious as to HOW YOU LADIES FEEL about "self-pleasure" in front of a new guy (or gal) in your life. Is this guy jut TOO HUNG UPON "getting off" as he stalls for time! OR should he be looking to start over with a FRESH SLATE and let the
relationship move as quickly or slowly as it can??

(ADDENDUM): One final thought. I DO enjoy the feeling of a great warm "mind-blowing" orgasm. Yet I don't think orgasm should be "job one". HE could always do the "self pleasure" in the privacy of HIS OWN HOME! Asking to do "it" while I do likewise seems a bit "NASTY"!

Sheesh! Ladies I think this guy and I are doomed! THAT might be JUST FINE...... if I didn't like him so much!


Dove - posted on 04/27/2016




If you aren't comfortable w/ it... tell him no. If he persists... dump his disrespectful butt.

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