My 1 1/2 year old is a

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I have a 19 month old son, who is actually a really calm and relaxed. He doesn't hit or snatch things from anyone. Until last night I had this friend who has a 26 month old little girl. She is NUTS, to the nines. She has turrets, a behavioral problem and I believe a small form of autism. Well her daughter hits and snatches things from my son. One of the last few times she was at my house she pushed my son off of the fireplace onto his little toy harley, snatched his binkie and just smiled. Her mom has her nose in her phone the entire time she is here so her daughter gets away with a lot and she looked at me knowing I was beyond furious and said "oh well he must of fell off". Well out of respect I tried to tame my anger and just cuddled my son. When she walked passed us my son pointed at her and screamed, his form of telling. He doesn't just tell on anyone. He has "told" on someone a total of 4 times and they all did something to upset him, me being one he told on, but he never pointed and screamed he usually just points. She came over for a few days one last time and I wouldn't take her or my son out of my sights. Well I am 25 weeks pregnant and when she is here my blood pressure and anger level rise. Aside from her being a huge bully all she does all day is whine and scream until she gets what she wants and her mom gives it her so just so she'll shut up. So the last few times she has asked me if she could come over I would come up with an excuse out of respect rather than saying your child is a crazy psychotic demon and I do not want her in my house... She got the hint I didn't want her kid here and so I politely told her the reasons I do not want her staying the night here but that it was ok for them to spend a few hours here. Because during the morning and early afternoons shes tolerable. Never once did I say I thought there was something wrong with her... even though I and everyone else thinks there is. I just told her I cannot physically handle the two kids together right now due to the verge of premature labor. Well she instantly went into attack mode saying nothing was wrong with her kid, understandable its her kid. But I never once said there was, I kept that to myself. Then she said something about how I need to get use to have two kids and how her kid is only two. I use to work with 2 year olds before... My son has played with 2 year olds before none as crazy and mean as hers. So instead of being a mega B back to her I just apologized for upsetting her that she misunderstood what I said that I wasn't insulting her daughter I just couldn't handle the add on stress... Then she started attacking my son... As much as I think her daughter is crazy I never once told her that, out of respect and the fact that she was still her daughter. Well she pretty much told me that my son was a pussy for not standing up for himself and he is going to be bullied when he gets older and that I will not be able to stand up for him the the future when he gets bullied... My son is 1 1/2 years old!!!! He is by far smaller and younger than her kid... how does that make him a pussy?!?!! I am boiling of rage and I just want to go off on how crazy her child and stupid she is. I mean come on now really... How does it make my child a pussy when he is one still a small toddler, and two knows better than to hit someone. The chicks own mother wont even watch her daughter because she is out of control. Every time she is around my son she just holds him and praises him for being such a good baby and how she loves him and how well behaved he is. Just because I have a good kid doesn't make him a pussy... I didn't think I was doing anything wrong with raising him knowing hitting someone is wrong and to not just hit someone for no reason. If he decides to lash out on her kid one day because he is fed up then she brought it on herself... she always tells him to hit her and snatch it back and all this other crap when he knows better... I forsee my son being like my brother, he takes the "bullying" to a degree then he blacks out and attacks the person. Which I am worried about happening... especially since my husband and I and other family members are such hot heads. Am I in the wrong for teaching him not to be violent?


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I don't understand why you have to put up with that. I wouldn't want my children near everyone who can hurt them, even if its another child!
I don't think your child is a pussy, I think you need to consider what type of 'friend" this woman is. Her child is hurting, scaring and upsetting yours, and also the unborn child. Don't you think is bad for your child you feeling rage and stressed? well I actually mean both your children, born and unborn. Put your health, piece of mind and children above anything else. Your children deserve a sane mother and if you go crazy, do it for your own not for somebody else's kids!

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