My 1.8 years old girls still on mother feed and dont eat proper food ?

Femi - posted on 01/21/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




My young girl started her play school for 3hours is on mother feed dont take any meal properly. sometimes she just had banana a day or home made potato chips but she dont eat porridge or rice or anyother thing with my hand she want to eat everything with her own self but she dont have proper spoon control:( so cant eat anything properly and want mother feed round a clock! plez help me suggest me some tips!


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Let her feed herself.... even if it's messy. That's how they learn. If the mess really bothers you then you can do MOSTLY finger foods (fruits, veggies, cheese, bread, pasta, etc...) w/ a little bit of spoon fed stuff for practice. She WILL get it eventually.

As for breastfeeding.... yeah, there were days at that age that my son would mostly nurse. Even when he was 'force weaned' at 3.25 years old he was still nursing 1-5 times/day even though he would eat 3 meals and 1-3 snacks. Once he was ready to eat, nursing didn't stand in the way at all. NOT nursing... he still eats the same and his rate of growth has slowed down a bit (he's on the small side).

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I would also start cutting down a bit on how much she is breastfeeding so that she will start to eat more solids as she should be mostly on solids by this age.

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Get that bath ready! My friend has a 2 1/2 year old who still can't use a spoon or fork because she doesn't want to let him get messy. My bath has been in use a lot for the last 2 months as my daughter learned to use a spoon. This morning-success! she managed to eat most of her yogurt without getting much on her clothes! she's almost 14 months. It's an ongoing process though. Let her get messy.

Firebird - posted on 01/21/2012




She'll never get proper spoon control if she never gets to feed herself. So definitely let her do it. She'll make a huge mess, and she'll use her hands a lot, but most toddlers do. That's how they learn! =)

Linda - posted on 01/21/2012




If I understand you correctly, she cannot hold a spoon very well by herself. Most toddlers are messy. I would NOT be feeding her at this age. Let her feed herself and make a mess...and give her a bath afterwards If she really cannot hold a spoon at all and has little muscle control in her hand, then you should take her to the doctor. However, my guess is that you just haven't seen other toddlers eat! It's a messy proposition, usually involving cleaning the child and the surrounding area.

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