My 1 year old is constipated

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My husband and I recently switched our daughter to whole milk. She did not do well on that. After 2 days of horrible constipation, we put her on 50/50 combination of formula and 2% milk to try to wean her off of the formula. She did well, so we just give her the 2% milk now. She is back to being constipated, but not as horrible as it was with the whole milk. She seems to be afraid to have a BM now out of fear of it hurting her. Can anyone give us any advice, please? We truly appreciate all of your help!


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I water down my son's milk with just normal water like 1/3 water and 2/3 milk.

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It's possible that the switch between formula and whole milk was just too fast for her body to handle. I don't think it's bad to go back to formula and start diluting it with whole milk to get her used to it slowly. I learned that babies need whole milk for the fat, so that their brains develop properly.

For the constipation, I feed my son raisins or dried prunes if he's really constipated, and bran muffins, porridge, or sweet potato if he's just having a harder poop than I would like. And applesauce every day, and lots of water. I'm looking forward to the summer, when we'll eat fruit all day long! :) There will be no constipation problems then.

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Yeah, our son gets constipated on rice/soy formulas and now at 6 months when we feed him rice cereal. So we don't give him much of it and give him things like apple juice bottles 1/2 juice 1/2 water 2 times a day and try to blend in other foods to his diet like these ladies are saying. raisens, I haven't tried. Prunes are a gimmie, they make prune juice you could try? Also the bran. I'm not sure if she can eat Yogurt yet, but that definiatly works for me. I ate it all through my last pregnancy and had no problems. It's just a balancing act between what you notice affects your baby and what you know helps :) good luck I wouldn't worry about giving her too much milk, and yeah watering down the milk is a good idea. No offense, but by 1 she should be off formula and eating solid foods totally by now. You don't have to worry so much about the milk at first, as there are other sources of D for a while (check cereals and nutritional info? even kids chewable vitamin gummies if your really worried)

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I haven't seen you mention food, I don't know what you are letting her eat yet...but if you are letting her have solids, a few raisins every day keep my boy regular. It takes about a day for the raisins to soften his bowels after we've had a little hard dry marble-poop.

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Try and give your daughter 50/50 bread which is white bread with bran in. This has helped my daughter as she suffered as well. Just one slice is enough to get things working.

As for the milk it is recommended that children under 5 have whole milk. it is not the milk that is causing her constipation. Try and up her fluid intake if you can. Sugar free ice pops in the hotter weather is good.


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A little juice and combo of water will do the trick. Just becareful how much juice is in the ratio because that can turn into a very big mess. LOL

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