my 1 yr old daughter is a fussy eater, ive tried everything but she hardly eats much,advice anyone?


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A toddler generally only needs a fistful of food per meal. It may not seem like she's eating much, but she's probably getting enough. Put food in front of her, and if she's hungry, she'll eat. No child has ever starved in the presence of food. My 2.5 year old has never been a big eater, but she's thriving and very healthy. We give her what we're eating. If she doesn't want it, that's fine. But we don't offer anything else. When she's hungry, she'll eat what's on the plate.

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To add to that, don't make a big deal over it either. No getting upset or yelling or fighting with her about it. Put out healthy choices (giving a choice between two things YOU approve of gives her a small amount of control, which often helps them feel like they've made the decision, not you, which is what this is really about) and that's it. No bribing or convincing. This isn't about food, it's about her having some control and getting attention, so don't give her the attention she's craving and she'll stop. Good luck!

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She is fine. She will eat when she is hungry and she will eat what you put in front of her. She won't starve. promise. Just feed her whatever you want and when she is hungry she will eat it. If she doesn't she can wait until the next meal. no snack in between either or she will just eat at snack times only. If you really feel the need to give snacks anyway then give her the healthy foods that she doesn't care much for. Again, if she is hungry she will eat them. She won't starve.

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