my 10 mos old son doesn't like formula milk anymore he drinks only 4oz. 4x aday


Amanda - posted on 05/09/2013




I really don't think that 4oz 4x a day is that bad! I have 3 daughters and they were like that! Actually i believe that one of my daughters hardly even drank that much at that age. As long as they are getting all their needed intake that is the important part!!
Do you have him on solids? If so, it could be that he is just getting too full off them! Also he might just be sick of a bottle and would like to try drinking out of a sippy cup? I actually went onto Homo milk with my middle daughter at 10 months old because she wasn't really wanting her formula...but i would talk to your dr. before doing that. Some dr.'s don't agree with putting them on homo milk that early. But she was eating everything by that age too which made the difference! Hope that helps! And if you are worried, talk to your dr. and see what he says!

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