My 10 year old

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my 10 year old has not seemed to have made any real friendships yet at school. He is the only child and seems OK with playing alone, but it really concerns me he is in 5th grade does socialize here and there but that's as far as it gos it does not seem to bother him but it really bothers me, is this normal?


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Put him in boy scouts or karate or some other thing where kids his age might do activities etc together.

If he isn't having any problems it may be nothing, but it never hurts to put him somewhere he can be social if he does decide that's what he wants. Everybody goes along at their own pace, if he's okay with it then you should try to be okay with it too.

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It can be. Some people are naturally introverts.

I found a personality test for children, if nothing else do it for fun to see if he is seem as introverted by the test.

Signs of introvertedness in children-

Need down time after social gatherings, such as school or parties. This might mean a nap or simply quiet time. If this is the case don't hound about homework soon as he gets home let him have his space.

Can entertain themselves for very long periods of time and are happy when doing so.

Does not understand why people "small talk" Really they don't get why others do it because to them it is not needed. They are deep thinkers and this only interrupts that for them.

If they make mistakes in public they are overly embarrassed.

Really they find no need to have more than one or maybe 2 friends. Any more is just a task to them.

Sometimes signs of it show even in newborns, they get cranky when being held too much. Most babies crave all the attention they can get but not so for some.

Here is an article for you

Christina Leigh - posted on 09/24/2013




Yes it is normal to a point. What are your sones interest try taking him some place where he may meet kids with the same interest . My 17 year old son struggled with making friends until just recently. We started taking him to events and things close by that he really liked and has meet some friends some that even attend the same school as him but they had just never met before. He will get friends on his own time. My son said that he never tried to get friends because no one liked him but I to him he didn't know that until he gave them a chance. Talk to him about it he may be up to meting some new people or have a little get together with parents you know that have children his age


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