My 10 year old daughter is already suffering from Blackheads on the bridge of her nose and forehead, what is the best way to manage her skin at htis early stage?


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I would have her see a dermatologist.  My daughter has had trouble with zits and blackheads from around 6 years on and she is 9 now and we took her to see the dermatologist when she was 6 and started her on a face regimine to try to get ahead of it.  She also has the blackheads across the bridge of her nose and also gets them in the cleft of her chin.  Very frustrating but I asked the dermatologist if I could pop them out, which I really would like to do, and he said to use those pimple extractors if I was going to do it.  They do not leave the scars like pinching them with fingers does.  Per her dermatologist, she uses Johnson & Johnson Purpose gentle facial wash (over-the-counter) in the shower for cleansing her face.  He has her using a medicated pledget and then a Differin Gel (specifically for fighting blackheads) at a couple of different strengths.  For a moisturizer she uses the Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for dry, sensitive skin that comes in a big tub (over-the-counter).  We do this daily and it has really seemed to keep the amount of breakout down to a minimum.  I have nothing but good things to say about taking her to a dermatologist at such a young age.  Her dermatologist is also a licensed pharmacist so that helps as well with medication combinations and he has worked very closely with us on getting the perfect regimine for her.  Good luck to you and your daughter! 

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Ask your doctor before you start putting everything on her skin. She might be allergic to certain things.

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I love Arbonne!  But if you are looking for a product that you can get anywhere, when i was a teen I was told you use the Aveeno products because they aren't harsh.  I think I used an oatmeal based cleanser.  It worked great and it was easy to do, just part of a daily routine.  I also agree with making sure to add moisture back after cleaning.

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From my experience with two girls I would suggest making sure you are very careful not to use any products with oils in them.  Oprah did a presentation on beauty with a doctor and they gave some tips on products best for the skin.

and go to "skin care"


It addresses the 20's but will be helpful

Also share these myths with you daughter:

That last link is about nutrients for the skin.

Little things like changing out pillowcases every night or other night, keeping your hands off you face, a bowl with hot water and a towel over the head before cleansing can loosen the pores a little.


Good luck from an older mom!

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you should get her a mild cleanser and then get a peel off tea tree mask which stays on for 20 mins. my daughter is 12 and i used these on her and they do work. hop this helps xx

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Hi Tracey,

I had the same problem start at 10. I have tried a lot of products and after years of trial and some short term success I have to say you want to find products without mineral oil to block her pores. I would recommend a gentle cleanser and a light weight moisturiser. If you don't put the moisture back in then your body produces more oil.

I am currently using products by Arbonne and I loved them.

If you would like to know more then visit This is a new product line especially for young combination skin.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help.


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My best friend sells MaryKay and they have a line for younger faces! It's always something to look into, she would have you try samples out first before having you pay for anything. I know that her niece has been using them and has good results. just a thought!

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Hey, my daughter is 10 too and getting white heads, but not black heads much. She seems to have combination skin, oily and dry. We have been using cetaphil face wash and astringent afterwards. It seems to help with the white heads and the under the skin bumps on her forehead. Also you could take her to the clinique counter and they will test her skin and possibly give you some samples of the 3 step thing they have to try out! Hope one or the other works out!

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