My 10 year old has been told I was a no good mother by her father. The other day we had words and she attacted me from behind. She claims I embarrass her by cheerring her on at her softball games. This all came from her fathers mouth. She told me she rather be with him. My heart is broken because I never married her father and have been verably abuse for 12 years. I let her go with him. I m angry that she jumped on me and i hit the floor. She is a soild girl. How do I handle this. Thanks

Ellen - posted on 05/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




She also believes I must respect her and she doesn't have respect me. She doesn't listen and I find I start yelling. I believe she is at the age were she can do some chores. I fear she has every thing over there. family members live with him and across the street.


Dove - posted on 05/04/2013




If my preteen had physically knocked me to the ground.... I would have called the police on her. She is a preteen and it's her job to be a pain in the butt... but physical violence is 100% not acceptable... better she learn that now then getting beat up by someone else... or sent to jail for assault as an adult. If you have no custody papers I would recommend going through the court system. Also counseling for you (preferably some counseling also WITH your daughter... but she might not cooperate with that) can help you understand how to deal with the verbal abuse and not tolerate it anymore.... and help you best figure out how to relate to your daughter right now.

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