my 10 year old has major mood swings .... any advice please help

Joann - posted on 09/12/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




my little one is born 16 April 2002 (10 years) and she has major moods swings(started about a year ago, but getting worst by the day) , rude most of the time with a terrible attitude towards anything we say or do , her school work is also starting to fall behind as she tells herself lately she cannot do it or say she is 'stupid' she also seems to think she is fat... she has more than rose buds(almost a small hand size) pubic hair is all there (covered) and she is starting to get a lot of spots on face , making me scared of the day she will start her periods , although i know that will happen soon ... I don't know how to handle her moods , i do try ... it drives me up the wall and she seems to give my fiance grey hairs.

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