My 10 year old is becoming the horrible child i have ever known what can i do??? he talks to me like i am nothing but a bit of something he has picked up on his shoe and never listens to a word i say??? help me and him please????


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Dove - posted on 11/11/2012




The attitude is perfectly normal for the age. Not acceptable at ALL, but it helps to know it is normal (at least it helps ME not want to duct tape my own kid's mouth

He must speak to you with respect in order to continue to have all the privileges that come with being your kid. You know.... like washing his clothes, cooking his food, driving him to a friend's house, etc... You do have to provide a roof over his head, clothes on his body, and food to eat, but there's no law saying you can't make him wash his own clothes or fix his own sandwiches, etc...

I would also try and let a little bit of the attitude go, but then my whole family thrives with a little bit of sarcasm. ;) My kids know not to cross the line though and if they need reminded by losing the cell phone or something else for a day or two... I have no problem with that.

Ariana - posted on 11/11/2012




I'd say the next time he speaks to you negatively don't do anything. Just wait. Eventually he will ask to do something, "Mom can I do this/have this/go here" etc. Quiety say no and walk away. If he keeps getting 'no' to things he will eventually ask you why (or be like why can't I do this???) in a very calm tone tell him "I didn't like how you spoke to me earlier." and walk away. Do not get into an argument, don't give in to whatever he wants just stay calm.

This will totally throw him off but also it will show him that even though he spoke to you rudely he isn't going to get away with it. It's even more effective than getting into an argument or telling him not to speak to you like that etc. because it shows that you are the one in control of the situation. If he eventually comes and apologizes (hoping to get what he wants) tell him he can try again tomorrow.

If there are other things he's doing be more specific since each situation is different. My best advice is to pick your battles but when you DO decide he needs to do something make sure you follow through with consequences if he decides to ignore you. Good luck!

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