My 10 year old is going tru puberty already.

Claudia - posted on 12/23/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Problem is that he has cerebral palsy, and is cognitively delayed.
Due to an injury during birth. He has started to play with himself and i'm getting mixed mesages as far as to let him do it or not, he does it when he is by himself, he understands enough to know that if he needs to do it, it has to be in private. ..does any one have any advice? The pediatrician suggested talking to a psychiatrists and think about medications in the future..I am against medicating my son. They tried to medicate him when he was 4 because he was a bit loud and wouldnt focus at school. We tried, and I quickly took him off it. To find your playful, and happy 4 year old sitting down barely holding his head, because teachers said he was too hyper was upsetting.
To me it felt more like she didnt want to deal with him and needed him drugged and out of her way...


Neva - posted on 12/24/2011




I don't think that this is a problem unless your son becomes obscessed and doesn't want to do anything else. As long as he confines his activity to private times, I don't see any problem that needs to see a psychiatrist or medication.

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If he knows enough to do it in private... I'd say it's fine. It's very normal for kids/preteens/teens/adults to do it. ;)


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