My 10-year-old pre-teen is about to get first communon and graduate from 5th grade. What do I have to do? She's also having prom? How do I help her to get prepared for all 3 of these events?????????????????????

Ysabel Ovalles De - posted on 03/08/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




Do I make her wear the the new long and flowy dress? or do I put her on make-up? Do I make her study on the computer for advice on boys? Seriously! I DO NOT know what to do! Please, respond as quickly as possible! I have no Idea on what to do! Her idea is to just calm down. she'll pick a striped dress, put on some lip gloss and blush and to have her hair loss at the prom and communion and graduation. B.T.W. her hair is flat and strait. Do I listen or do I follow my own path?


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Ev - posted on 03/08/2014




And to add to Dove, in all seriousness, she does not need to be worrying about boyfriends and dating at this age anyhow. She is only 10 years old. That should come later and the advice and knowledge on that should come from you not some internet site that is not totally reliable. You can not trust everything you find online.

Dove - posted on 03/08/2014




Seriously? Prom in the FIFTH grade? You must live in a different country than the US, correct?

I like her advice to calm down. She is TEN. Don't make a bigger deal out of these events than needs to be. As for advice on boys... please tell me you are not really going to have her look online for that topic. That needs to come from you. There are many books available that can help you get started in conversations on puberty, sex, relationships, etc.... but the main wisdom and guidance needs to come from a parent.

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