My 10 Year old son shuts down when teacher gives out

Susan - posted on 09/08/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My 10 year old son (middle child) really dislikes school. It can be an ongoing struggle getting him up and out to the school a lot of days. It doesn't help that the school is just one of those schools that piles on the homework 8-9 pieces per night, so hes drained mentally when it comes to doing his homework. He is an athletic type and watches other kids on the street from different schools playing after doing 20 mins homework while he slogs away. He makes it worse for himself because of his defeated attitude before he even begins. He is full of life and enjoyment on the soccer pitch but when it comes to school hes very negative a lot of the time. If the teacher reprimands him for doing something wrong he sometimes responds by shutting down and not answering at all. He would then be told to its time to go outside for lunch break and he has refused to move outside the room. Turning it all in on himself. I then get a call from the teacher (today), which has happened numerous times last year with a different teacher saying they cant leave him on his own in class and what should they do. I really feel that if I go to the school and take him home it is only creating more problems where my son will think everytime he feels like getting out of school he ll just have to act up. Me and my husband are beside ourselves as to what to do and where to turn next. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated on this.

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