my 10 year old wont stop swearing

Jeanette - posted on 01/28/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




hi my son will b 10 in april he is asd/adhd but i dont no hw to stop the swearing and its really getting me down any ideas would b great


Holly - posted on 10/18/2012




I'm in the same boat.... my son turned 10 in July... he is ASD/ADHD/ODD... he won't stop swearing either.. He keeps getting in trouble for it in school... We don't swear at home.. we don't watch movies/tv that has profanity (or if it does it's way after he's asleep)

We've tried everything.. positive reinforcement... spanking... taking away privileges/toys... NOTHING has worked for us.. no matter what we try, he does not seem to think there is anything wrong with it..

I totally understand where you are coming from

Jacci - posted on 12/27/2012




my so is all so a 10yr old with adhd and odd im a christain woman but this little boy is driving me to despair doubting my own parenting he swears hes voilent hes constantly angry when hes as to deal with dissapiontment i suffer his temper tantrums this can come in many forms of verbal abuse smashing things or running away outside where he comence his outslute of abuse towards me im constantly degrade by this little boy help tried all the above but he as in his mind that its mine and everyone else fault medication doesnt work

Ariana - posted on 10/19/2012




I would first tell him to go to his room every time you hear him swear and when he comes out he has to practice with you all the other ways he could have said something. So three different ways he could've said the sentence without using a swearword.

I would also give him a consequence, so if he goes out with his friends a lot you can tell him he won't be allowed access to chatting with his friends since you don't swear at your house you assume he got it from them. If he can't be responsible in the house you don't want him outside where he might use language like that, and keep him inside and do not allow him to call or use the computer where he can email his friends.

I would also make him write out what the words actually mean and reasons why swearing is unacceptable, and what you can do instead of swearing (he'll be so bored doing essay after essay about not swearing).

If every time he swears he's grounded for the day and until he

-writes a mini-essay on why you shouldn't swear

-tells you 3/4 different ways he could have gotten his point across without swearing

-apologizes for making you listen to that language

He may just decide it's not worth the effort it takes to do all that as it is to give in to his impulse to swear.


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Barbara - posted on 10/23/2012




I agree with Ariana but that seems like a lengthy routine to do daily. Take away his privileges, also get a bank and make him put money in it. If he gets an allowance make him pay into the bank. Record him if you can let him see how awful it sounds.

Bri - posted on 01/28/2012




I would start off by taking away what he finds of interest and then making him earn back the things you took away.

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