my 10year old boy,doesnt like reading.

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My 10 year old son doesnt like reading,and this is affecting his grades,what can i do to make him study his books.


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When my son was in grade 5, he was tested and assessed to be at a grade 3 reading level. He was placed into the school's Core Resources Department to help improve his reading skills. The Core Resources teacher suggested that we buy my son comic books featuring some of the super heroes (e.g. Spiderman, etc.) as boys tend to favour and relate to this type of reading. Every week we would buy four or more Marvel comic books and he became very interested in reading the continuing stories week-after-week and month-after-month. One year later he was tested again and he was reading at his grade level. We continued to buy the same Marvel comic editions until he was in high school.

My son completed high school and went on to university and completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Economics. He then continued and completed two Masters degrees in Economics simultaneously with his thesis being accepted into a Cambridge UK publication. He graduated from his two Masters degrees with a 90% average and was accepted by five universities for his PhD. He accepted admission into one of the top universities in Canada and in the first year of the PhD program, which was mainly academic studies, he achieved a 92% grade average - the highest grade average of all first-year PhD students at the university in all faculties of study. He now has one year to go to the completion of his PhD and we intend to invite his Elementary School Core Resources teacher to his graduation ceremony.

I'm sure you can appreciate the volume and the degree of material he is now reading in addition to the proficiency in his writing skills.

So, perhaps his academic success can be contributed to Marvel comic books.

Perhaps comics will help your son too - at least as a starting point.

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Jodi gave great advice! Try books on topics that interest him. Like Jodi said it very well could be because he is struggling with it. Trying reading to him (maybe fumble a coupld words so that he sees everyone makes mistakes) I am baby sitting a 6 year old and he is struggling so this is what I am doing, I have fumbled a few words dilberately and it has made him a little more comfortable. Also we have picked a favorite scene from a book and acted it out. Sometimes making the books more exciting is the trick trying using different voices for the character.

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Is it that he doesn't like reading, or is he having difficulty, which is why he avoids it? Maybe he feel stupid because he has trouble sometimes. When was the last time you listened to him read out loud and discussed something he is reading? Will he read when it is a topic interesting to him (eg, my son hates reading too, but he LOVES reading something about his sporting heros, etc). If you can narrow it down to what he does and doesn't like reading, and whether he is reading ok, then you can find a way to work on it, but look at that first.

Once you've sorted that out, it is important to reiterate to him that he needs to keep his grades up, so he needs to read this stuff. It might help if you read with him at home, and have discussions around WHAT you read (helps with the comprehension). If he is just reading and not taking it in, that's what affects his grades.

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Keep encouraging him w/ books that really interest him and keep showing him your interest in reading....maybe discussing some things you may have read that may interest him.

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