My 11 month old daughter does not want to eat her food anymore. Any suggestions?

Krystle - posted on 01/13/2011 ( 14 moms have responded )




She was a great eater in the beginning, but slowly she has eaten less and less. She will eat some things off of my plate, but if I give her those same things she won't eat them, just plays. And she will only eat a bit or two of her baby food.


Neva - posted on 01/15/2011




At around 12 months, give or take, a child's appetite will slow down because their rate of growth slows down. The first year of life is when a child has the most rapid growth rate of their life, except for a short period around puberty. As the rate of growth slows, so does the appetite. I would not worry. Just offer your baby healthy food, put it on his plate, or tray and let her feed herself what she wants to eat. It may seem like a small amount to an adult, but she will get what she needs. Always feed the solid foods first before any formula or milk, and don't allow the child to walk around all day with a bottle or sippy cup of milk or juice, because then at meal time, the child won't feel hungry. I would offer healthy foods, then milk. If the child is thirsty in between meals offer water. Give a small healthy snack in between meals because their stomachs are still quite small and may not be able to hold a lot at one time. The other part of this is a child of this age is starting to be independent and wants to do things her own way. She may not want to be fed by you with a spoon. You just need to provide her with healthy foods at meal time, allow her to decide how much to eat, and if its not much, then offer again at next meal time. She will then be in tune with her own feelings of hunger and satiety and will end up having a healthy diet.

Jodi - posted on 01/13/2011




Yeah, I have to say I disagree with you too Liz :) I found that my daughter became fussy at this age, and she wouldn't eat what I put in front of her, but if it was on my plate it was fair game. So what I used to do was add a bit extra to my plate, give her a plate with a couple of things on it, and then when she started reaching from mine, put some off MY plate onto her plate and she would eat it. Go figure. As long as she could see it was coming from my plate, she'd eat it.

Emily - posted on 01/13/2011




I would just let her eat the amount she wants. She's not going to starve herself. As long as she is still drinking enough milk, no need to worry. Young kids have a much better sense of their tummies than we do.. they know when they need to eat and when to stop.. haven't developed nasty habits yet like emotional eating. ;) If your daughter wasn't getting enough, she'd let you know.

Ashton - posted on 01/13/2011




I am having the same problem. my son is 13months though.
but to help ur prob. it is not a big deal to let her eat off ur plate. i have to do that to get my son to eat randomly. although, he like to have stuff on his plate with his own spoon even though he doesnt get any in his mouth. but she should deffently not be baby food anymore. she is probably tired of it. give her really food. bread, rice, chicken nuggets (small bites), yogurt, jello, ect. she will like the diff. taste.
Hope this helped!!!


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Jodi - posted on 01/15/2011




"I don't let her eat directly off of my plate, she just has to have food from there."

So just let her eat from your plate. If you are worried about nutritional value, just make sure that what is on your plate has nutritional value :) I would stop with the baby food and move onto finger food.

Rose - posted on 01/14/2011




I had the same issue with all 3 of my kids, they go through phases. Just try to remember, their stomach is the size of their fist, so not much can fit at one time. I think you should start giving your baby solid foods so she gets used to chewing. I made my own baby food for my 1st son for his first year because it was the only way I knew he got his veggies. But then in the 2 years that followed he would choke on his food and had difficulty speaking. I took him to a speech therapist and she said that kids who don't learn how to chew, do not strenthen their mouths and have trouble pronoucing words....something to that affect....I would have never thought that! He actually didn't need the therapy, just needed to continue chewing :) Now he's fine, but I learned with my next 2 children to have they start chewing earlier. I would still mash their food once or twice a day just to make sure they got their veggies, but I would cut the pieces of fruit and meat since they seemed to like the taste of that better. I would constantly be giving them food just so that they can get a bite in here and there.

Krystle - posted on 01/14/2011




Thank you for all the comments. I don't let her eat directly off of my plate, she just has to have food from there. And she has to get some nutritional value, that is why she is still having baby food. And when I say baby food, I have made my own since she has been eating so it is like real food, just mushier. She will not eat anything I put in front of her besides cheese and puff cereal. I will keep trying of course, I think that maybe she is just in an in-between spot. Hopefully she will get the hang of it soon!

Stifler's - posted on 01/13/2011




my kid is the same. doesn't want to eat anything, throws it off the high chair even though it's the same food as ours and then we let him get out and he wants ours and eats it

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Jodi-I do put things from my plate to my sons tray I just can't stand actually sharing a plate of food like the whole bite for me bite for you thing. I know quite a few people who let their kids just grab off their plate and it drives me crazy.

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Maybe its just me but I'm possessive of my plate and can't stand when people (even my own kids) touch my plate. My husband thinks its crazy.

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All 3 of my kids used to like to eat off Mommy's (or Daddy's) plate more than their own. It never bothered us and is a phase that passes in time.

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mine does the same except even off of my plate i cant feed her i have to give a small amount to her so she can do it herself.

Sherri - posted on 01/13/2011




Honestly at 11mo's she shouldn't really be on baby food anymore anyways. She is probably bored at around 9mo's all my kids were eating whatever we were just in teeny tiny pieces.

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Personally I would not let her eat off you plate. Just keep putting it in front of her and she will eat, she won't let herself starve, and as far as baby food goes I can't tell you much. My youngest refuses it now just like all my other kids have by 7 months.

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