My 11 weeks old baby is 13 lbs is this a good weight for mixed baby as they said mix are tend to be on the smaller size.any ideas?


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Angela - posted on 07/14/2013




What do you mean by "mixed". Please elaborate!

I would say 13lbs is a good weight for a baby of 11 weeks - what was his/her birthweight? My heaviest newborn (I have 4 children) was 10lbs 2oz he is now average height & build for a 25 year old male.

Do you mean mixed race?

Ev - posted on 07/14/2013




I have never heard of mixed babies being smaller than their counterparts are. That being said, 13 pounds for a nearly 3 month old is good and sounds a bit bigger than some I know. My son is not mixed at all and he weighed 8 lbs. even at birth. When he got to 3 months he weighed 18 lbs. He was a big solid baby. He had big bones as a baby and he is now over 6 feet 3 inches and nearly 190. But he is far from being a big man as far as being thin or filled out. What makes a baby big or small for their size is the facts of genetics of parents, their races and which one is more dominate over the other, eating habits of parents, health of parents and so on, not because they are of mixed races.

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