My 11 year old daughter is loosing her hearing. How can I support her through these scarry changes?

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Hi, My daughter is 11. We found out about a year agao why my daughter failed all her hearing tests at school. Found out she is loosing her hearing due to a genetic mutation and there is NO cure..It seems to be sinking in slowly and I am finding it hard to know how to support her with these new fears for her future. Although she is very populare, straight A student, she find it hard to fir in with the hearing kids as well as the deaf kids because. The deaf children have never heard so are fluent in signing, the hearing kids talk but she often has to ask them to repeat what they said and look at her so she can read their lips. It just seems a cruel joke for her to have heard and then to slowly but surely loose it someday compleatly. Is there anyone out there that is going through the same thing?


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I've been loosing my hearing myself over the last eight years due to Menieres Disease. My 12 year old has been there all along and she finds it frustrating at times to repeat herself over and over. Or make sure she's in front of me so I can read her lips while she's talking. I would enroll her in a signing class to make sure she signs fluently, she needs to fit it as much as possible. Have you checked out choclear implants for your daughter? Would they help restore her hearing? They are doing some amazing work with them and I would definitely ask. Reassure your daughter that she's not any different than any one else just special.


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I have 70% hearing lose in one ear, and 85% in the other, so I can understand how your daughter feels.

I'm lucky enough to have hearing aids but they don't always work and my husband and daughter get frustrated having to repeating themselves all the time.

They are people who can support your daughter and help her adjust to losing her hearing. Get the number from whoever tested your daughter and go from there.

You need to be patient and understanding as your girl copes with this, I'm older and still find it embarrassing and frustrating when I can't hear

Fitting in is always hard anyway, does your daughter still have her friends? Maybe she can talk to them and they will see that even if they repeat themselves, she's still their friend.

Learning to read lips will help her, though its frustrating because you have to face the person.

Check with your doctor on what help is available to help her, and learning to sign will also help.

Remember doctors are always looking at new treatment and ways to help patients so keep in touch with your specialist.

Finally tell your daughter how much you love her and that this is just a huddle in her life and she will climb, with you by her side.

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