My 11 year old daughter is obese! Help!

Andrea - posted on 08/09/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 11 year old daughter has always battled her weight like her father. When she was 8 the pediatrician told me she had high blood sugar but not too high?! She is happy reading and sewing and doing crafts. She is not the athletic type. I have to help her. It's not healthy and she is starting middle school this year and weighs 179 pounds. Any advice is very much appreciated


Sarah - posted on 08/09/2015




I'd have advised you to seek a different pediatrician three years ago. Any high blood sugar in a child is not healthy and should not be ignored.
Start with going for a physical and get her lab work checked out. She may have an underlying medical condition, like pre-diabetes or hypothyroidism, that is causing her to gain and maintain the excess weight.
Once a medical cause is ruled out. It really comes down to diet and exercise. To say she is destined to be big because her father is big if simply not true. Certainly she may need to focus on her diet and activity more than other kids but she CAN achieve and maintain a healthy weight. You are providing the food she eats, so if there is no high sugar, high fat food in the house she can't eat it. Including her in meal planning and cooking may encourage her to learn what foods are healthy for her and which are not good choices.
Even if she is not an athlete there must be some sort of activity she enjoys. Dancing, walking, rolling skating, kicking a ball around outside with you, bike rides. find something and get the whole family moving.
Here is a link to the CDC recommendations regarding childhood obesity. I hope it helps!

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