My 11 year-old daughter shaved her legs, then lied to me about it. What/how should I react to this?? I do NOT tolerate lying, and this kills me, to watch her look me in the eyes, and lie to me. Help!! Do I hide my razors in the future?? It is just the 2 of us, so I am concerned that if she lies to me about something like this, when she is faced with drugs, etc., she'll lie to me then, as well? Many thanks~ Sue


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Firebird - posted on 05/25/2013




Why hide your razors? I was 11 when I started shaving. When you say she lied about it, do you mean that you asked her if she shaved and she told you no, or do you mean that she simply didn't come and tell you that she had done it?

Try buying your daughter her own razors, talk to her, and explain that she can come to you to talk about anything. Offer up some tips to avoid razor burn. She clearly isn't comfortable talking to you about personal issues, so if you don't want her lying in the future, you should see what you can do to make yourself more approachable.

Jodi - posted on 05/25/2013




Why did she feel she had to lie to you about it? Clearly she felt you would freak out over it if she discussed her concerns with you (and given that your reaction is to hide your razors, she judged that well - you weren't going to let her do it). The punishment for this is NOT to hide your razors, but rather, you need to have a talk to her about it, and why she felt she couldn't talk to you about it. I get that you aren't happy about the lying, but I don't think you can jump to conclusions that this will lead to other lying.

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