my 11 year old is over weight


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Chet - posted on 06/12/2014




Ideally you don't want your child to lose weight. With kids, it's usually better to grow into the weight that they have.

Try to build activity into your regular routine. You don't want it to be a chore, you want it to be a habit... or even better, something enjoyable. Walking, swimming and biking are good activities to start with.

Diet is really important. For weight, it's usually the bigger a contributor than lack of activity. Liquid calories are a huge pitfall. If you can switch to drinking only water that will help. Putting ice in it helps for people who aren't big water drinkers.

We haven't cut out junk completely, but generally, we don't have it in the house. We walk to the store for ice cream. We might pick up cookies at a bakery, but we take them to the park to have a snack there after the kids play.

Aim for 60 minutes of activity a day.

Michelle - posted on 06/12/2014




You offer healthy snacks and meals and get moving. Go for a walk with him/her every afternoon or morning. Make sure you limit the TV or technology. Throw out all of the junk food and get the whole family eating healthy.

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