My 11 year old sister tried shaving her private area. NEED HELP!

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When is the right time? I told her not to do it again for now and I explained about puberty. However, she still scared about all the dark hair that still growing down her private area.
She currently shaves her arm pits and her legs as she has very dark and thick hair.

I'm not sure what to tell her about her pubic hair but NOT to shave it. I explained that is natural, that we all have been through it. It's the process of growing.

I would appreciate all the help I could get!

thank you in advance. :)


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I think you're right to discourage her from doing it. Shaving is not fun, nor is the regrowth. BUT, if she is quite hairy, already shaves legs and pits and understands the pros and cons, I would allow her to make that choice for herself. Instead of forbidding it, work on explaining the best way to do it so as to minimize any negative side-effects.

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I know quite a few people that shave it all off (NOT me though), but at 11.... My girls are lucky that they have fine light hair. No pit or pubic hair yet for them (almost 10), but I've put them off on shaving their legs by asking if they REALLY want to do it every few days for the rest of their lives starting now. lol

I agree w/ talking to her about trimming it. NO ONE told me anything about pubic hair upkeep and let's just say I had a few embarrassing moments in my early teens and I will no longer EVER wear a swim suit w/out some surf shorts as well.....

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Tell her to leave it alone unless she just wants to trim it. When it grows back in it can itch like hell, cause razor burn, and ingrown hairs. Better to leave it alone.


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Thank you for all your responses. I am solely responsible for my sister and I just didn't know how to handle the situation. I have talked to her so she feels comfortable and will choose to trim it for now.
thank you everyone :) Happy Holidays.

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