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MY 11 year old sons school behavior is this normal?

Diana - posted on 04/12/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




The other day he was in the auditorium for a really fun singing dancing show and was excited and having a good time when it was over someone bumped into him and he told this kid to go su.. something.... What???? how do i handle this these inappropriate things are happening more frequently. help I have taken things away tried to reward good behavior but out of the blue things will be going great bang out with the mouth hes in trouble again. The issues are only in school. Hes doing ok in school likes to go to school and really feels good when hes done well on his school work I just don't get whats going on with his mouth out of the blue weather hes excited, or overwhelmed, or irritated he just blurts out if someone seems to get in his way is how it appears.he has a therapist out side school and and now behavioral therapist in school per the school > which is another issue in itself as my son is now on their radar and cant say boo without repercussion.


Julie - posted on 04/12/2013




Sounds normal to me. Not nice, but middle school is NOT NICE. Verbal aggression is one MANY ways "tweens" and teenagers express themselves. The social learning curve is HUGE and we parents are not in the "know". What we do know is it's our job to give the kids tools on how to express themselves in a healthy manner.
I have my 11 year old "write a paragraph" He hates writing so it's tourcher on top of thinking about what he did why (basically my forced journaling) in which he can reflect, go deep and hopefully think of new and better ways to handle the situation should it occur in the future

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