My 11 yo has to be at the bus stop at 735 what time should she wake up and what time should she go to bed?

JaBrea - posted on 08/08/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




She is starting middle school and i really don't know what time i should let her go to bed and i don't know what time she should get up or go to the bed and when she was 8 she would get a full 10 hours of sleep now that she is older how many hours do you think she should get of sleep and what time should she wake up ALSO should i let her have a iphone?


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Jill - posted on 08/08/2012




My 12 year old goes to bed (lights out) at 9pm, gets up at 6:30 and walks 0.4 mile to school, which begins at 7:45.

Our mornings are pretty streamlined - get up, eat, wash, get dressed, go. I don't have to force anyone out of bed, backpacks stay by the door so there isn't any rushing around trying to find things, etc. If your kid is difficult in the morning, you will need to allow for more time.

As to the phone - neither of my kids have a cell phone, because they are not necessary for our situation. Maybe your daughter needs a phone, but something like an iphone is rarely a need. You'll have to decide based on your own wallet and values.

Dove - posted on 08/08/2012




Totally depends on the kid and their individual sleep needs. My almost 11 year old has to leave for the bus at 6:30. She gets up at 5:45 and is typically in bed around 8. She needs around 10 hours of sleep still, but that doesn't quite work with this new school schedule.

As for the iphone.... many of her friends have one and my response is HELL NO!! My daughter has a Walmart $15 phone with a cheap talk and text pay as you go plan. I need to be able to get a hold of her and have her get a hold of me due to the various changes in our lives this year, but she does NOT need anything more than basic communication and will not get anything more until she is 16 (or older) and paying for it herself.

Michelle - posted on 08/08/2012




you base bedtime on how easy it is to get her up in the morning. My son has to leave our house at 7:10 in order for us to get to his bus stop on time so he wakes at 6:30 so that he has time to do what he needs to do before school. As far as bedtime goes he goes to bed at 9:30 is usually asleep by 10 and is not the easiest to wake in the morning but he is not a morning person. As for a phone unless she needs a phone I would hold off at least another year until you see how responsible she is going to be in middle school.

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