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My 11 yr old is so upset inpatient frequent...and her dad share custoday 50/50 and the schedule has changed..not sure if this is puberty or the divorce and custody changes..please advise.


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She's old enough to start to be her own person, like fully. Remember being 10? There's a lot going on. They say by 10 they have their full personality for their entire lives.... so yours is 11, and very much sensitive to all that is going on. You, the changes, school, herself and she's probably right around the age to start her period too right? Looooooots going on... So just be supportive and try to spend as much time doing positive things with her as you can. If she wants to talk, talk. Tell her the truth, and just work with her.. she should be just fine but she's dealing with as much as you are at this point :)

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I would guess it's probably a bit of everything. My girls were only 6 when their father and I split, but they went to 'counseling' (they pretty much just wanted to play games) for about a year and a half. It was great for them to have that extra support person in their lives. They didn't want to stop going.... ;)

They are 9 now and w/ the moodiness etc... that they are experiencing... I couldn't imagine how much more difficult things would be if THIS were the time that my ex and I split.

Jennie - posted on 05/05/2011




It is probably a little bit of both. Around that age, kids are trying to identify who they are. To also be going through a divorce and custody changes, or arrangements that are changing can be very very hard on a child. I would advise that if you are concerned you talk to your sons doctor. They can give good advice and reccomend things for you. Good Luck :o)

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