My 11 yr old son still wets the bed... what can i do?

Eileen - posted on 07/17/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




I thought I was done buying diapers. Is this normal at this age or something he'll grow out of? I try not to make a big deal out of it, but we're not making any progress. I tell him he's gonna outgrow Goodnites very soon. I've tried setting alarms & getting him up in the middle of the night to train himself to go. He says he doesn't realize it happens till it's too late. It's really frustrating at this point. Any suggestions?


Jodi - posted on 07/17/2012




Have you taken him to a doctor, had him checked for any medical problem? There is also medication available that can help. They go on it for about 2 months. My step son wet his bed until he was 12, and we had tried everything, but the medication worked for him. Have a talk to his doctor about that option, but make sure you have eliminated any other medical issues first.

He hasn't had a wet bed in 12 months or so now. Telling him he will outgrow Goodnites and getting frustrated with him won't help - no 11 year old WANTS to wet the bed, so he really isn't able to control it, so both of these things are pointless.


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Eileen - posted on 07/20/2012




Thanks for your responses. I'll definitely check with the doctor & look into a specialist. I appreciate your thoughts.

Lisamarie - posted on 07/17/2012




Hmm, this is a tricky one. I was a bed-wetter until I was about 12, my mum tried everything, she got a specialist in who tried all sorts of tricks of the trade but nothing worked.
I had star charts where I would get a certain treat after a week or so of dry nights.
I had an alarm that went off when it senses damp but I slept through it.
My mum used to try to wake me up at certain intervals of the night to take me to the toilet.
As you may have guessed my problem was I am a deep sleeper. I grew out of it myself but if you are concerned you can seek a specialist and see what they can come up with.
Good luck :-)

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