My 11yr old son is a 10yr cancer survivor and just recently lost a friend (age 7) who was battling cancer. Any suggestions as to how to help cope?


Louise - posted on 05/10/2012




He is obviously aware of the disease he has fought against and won. He is not a baby at 11, just sit him down and tell him that you are always there to listen if he wants to talk about his friend. Make sure he has plenty of time to come to you in private and talk without the other members of the family barging in. He will process this in his own way. Some children like to talk things through and others go quiet. He will be ok he just needs to process what has happend. A reassuring hug is all that is needed here, children are very resilient. If you think he has been affected more than most then maybe he needs closure, I dont recommend that you take him to the funeral but he could put some flowers down at a later date.

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