My 12 1/2 month old STILL REFUSES to drink from a sippy....HELP!!!

Stefania - posted on 03/26/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I asked this question 3 weeks ago with a lot of good ideas & none of them worked. I even tried something i thought for sure would work & it didn't. I took the nipple out of her Avent bottle & put in the spout from her Avent sippy (its meant to fit so it can be used as a transition cup). She only drinks water from a cup if i hold it so now im getting worried that shes not drinking enough. I always leave a sippy in her reach & she grabs it but won't drink from it just chews on it. I've got her every type of sippy & nothing seems to work. HELP ME PLEASE! Trying to get her to drink is consuming my day.


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Gwen - posted on 03/26/2010




My daughter didn't have much interest in a sippy cup until the 13-15 month range. Don't worry about it too much. Just keep one laying around, with water in, and eventually he'll get curious and start paying more attention to it.

Bridget - posted on 03/26/2010




Hi Stefania, you might have already tried but what about a sippy with a straw? My little one cannot use a sippy cup properly as he doesn't know how to tilt it up so the water comes out. Instead he just sucks on the straw and is now getting plenty of water whenever he wants. It took a while for him to get the hang of having to swallow and sip at the same time (a lot of water gets spluttered out) but now after about a month he the hang of it (he is 9.5mths). Sorry if you have already tried this!

Ruth - posted on 03/26/2010




The key to knowing if your child is getting enough to drink is the colour of the urine and what their faecal stool (poo) is like. If the urine is a very light yellow (straw) colour or clear and they have a poo that they easily pass, then yes your child is getting enough. Just give your child the drink in a cup and offer it frequently. It is better really that they drink from a cup otherwise you have another set of skills to teach them.

Do not fight her. Just offer especially every time you have a drink for yourself. Anyway, kids are smart. They will let you know when they are thirsty. Kids are born to ensure their survival. Learn to listen to them and respond as they communicate. If you learn to listen now it will make difficult stages much easier as they grow into childhood, teenagers and finally adults with their own family. The one time you offer more is when they are sick. If you are worried about their hydration then, never be slow in seeking medical help.

Just one suggestion...advertising really presents us with a lot of un-necessary gadgets as must haves. The truth is they are not needed. Sippy cups are a relatively new gadget. I simply asked myself ..."Did my mother or grand mother need this" and "What did they use?" You will find very quickly that 90% of must have's are not "must haves". Save your money and keep it for some special experience like a holiday.

Hope this puts your mind at ease.

Fatima - posted on 03/26/2010




Don't worry, my son too refused outright to drink from the sipper and asked me instead for a glass. He was close to two years then, and since then I never forced him. I feel it is better if they don't like the sipper and opt for the glass/cup directly instead. Later on you do not have to again try to coax him to leave the sipper for the glass. Initially it will take a little longer for the child to finish from the glass, but eventually they will improve. Maybe you fill just quarter cup and when they finish that, add more till the whole quantity is consumed. But you will have to hold the cup for them till they are steady with their hands.

Iridescent - posted on 03/26/2010




Try a regular glass. Some children are unable to use sipper cups, ever. We have one like that - he's 3 now and JUST getting the idea, but by 3, there's really no point. Yes, she'll spill. But she'll learn and won't have any difficulty learning how to drink.

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