my 12 month old boy baby gets cold and flem to protect him from cold.. suggest me some healthy diet to improve his immunity....and is there any natural way to get rid of cold instead of antibiotic


~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/25/2013




Antibiotics do not treat colds. If that is why he is on antibiotics, refuse them. If he actually has an infection, like tonsillitis, or lung infection, that is different and needs to be treated. Some doctors give antibiotics for colds as a just in case. My advice, if you have a doctor like that, find a new one.

You can certainly maintain your sons health with proper nutrition, and even vitamins. Sometimes you just cannot prevent colds, but you can build their immune system up. Time, fluids, plenty of rest are usually the most basic way to get rid of a cold. No magic cure.

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