my 12 month old is so attached, help !

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Hi mums & dads, I am a stay at home mum of a 12 months old girl, my husband works camp so my baby & I are both at home all day and night long just the two of us - to get a break i like to go to my shopping, go for dinner with my friends etc...but I CANT my baby will not stay with her auntie, babysitter NO ONE and on play dates with another little girl her own age she will never let me leave the room, when I'm at home she is wrapped around my leg while i cook, going to the toilet, doing laundry and so on...if i walk away she screams and screams until she sometimes throws up ! I have to rock her to sleep and she wakes up a few hours later and the only way i can get sleep is when i put her in to my bed..where she is quiet happy ! I have recently started watching another little boy her own age so i got a double stroller - she HATES going for walks cause she hates sharing her stroller so cried all the way ....... I NEED a break from her crying, i need break from her clinging on to me, is there anything i can try mums?


Lissy - posted on 03/04/2013




This can be a hard age! I feel for you! I really do!! Honestly, and I have four kids of my own worth of research, I think it's normal and she'll grow out of it. The best thing that you can do is reassure her by giving her the attention she's looking for. Eventually she'll realize that you're really not going to disappear and that her world is secure. Then, you'll find some free time. :) In the meantime, take advantage of those short naps to try to keep yourself sane!!

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