My 12 year old daughter

Jacquette - posted on 04/15/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




How do I get my daughter to open up to me to build that trust between us?


Dove - posted on 04/16/2015




Starting this at 12 is not likely to be easy. Did you use to have an open relationship and she has just 'closed up' now that she is almost a teenager? Or has this always been an ongoing problem?

The best way to reach a preteen/teen is to spend time together... do activities that she enjoys doing w/ NO pressure for her to talk about anything specific... talk about silly things, have fun, and in time she may find it easier to open up. Remind her that you love her and she can tell you ANYTHING no matter what. Also let her know that if she needs to talk about something, but she doesn't want to talk to you... you are willing to help her find someone that she DOES want to talk to.

One of the best things my best friend did for me when my girls were entering the preteen stage was to let them know that if they EVER had something they needed to talk about, but they didn't want to talk to me... they could call her anytime day or night and she would be there for them... and not tell me about it. ;)


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Sarah - posted on 04/16/2015




To try to establish trust at 12 can be tough, has she not had an open relationship with you up until now? Start slow, let her know you are always available and she can share anything with you. Then you have to stand back and let her come to you .

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