my 12 year old daughter is feeling left out by other girls what do i sY


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Wild - posted on 05/20/2015




Say that you understand and wish it was different. Give her a hug. Start something the two of you can do together to help other people. Expand her world beyond school. She might like Girl Scouts or Boys/Girl Club or YMCA, but especially volunteering will open her heart and feel better about herself. She will soon feel sorry for those girls and see it in perspective.

Michael Ray - posted on 12/13/2014




Tell them they are jealous. That's helped with my daughter's, when the need arose. Then point out all the good things about her...Like smart, pretty eyes, smile, etc.

Also, let her know that some kids just weren't raised right. And those kids have the need to belittle others to male themselves feel better. An this could be because those kids are neglected or abused or mistreated by others themselves.

My 8 year old, had a girl that bullied her. I told her to do whatever that girl does to her, back. The best way to stop bullying is to stomp the bully. However, being her own person, she somehow made friends with the bully. I don't know how (or even why for that matter) she did it. And it showed me that my daughter must have a really big heart bc she did what was right (at least in her eyes).

Sorry, I rambled there at the end. Just know, things all find a way to work themselves out and the best thing to do, is to be there for her.

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