My 12 year old dauther has a 16 year old boyfriend

Odessa - posted on 01/27/2016 ( 6 moms have responded )




My dauther lives with her grandparents, a few days ago she message me to say she has a boyfriend who is 16 years old. I'm planning a trip to find out what is going on because i think she is not telling me everything. She is saying i must not say anything to her boyfriend because if i do i will never see her again.. How best can i deal with this situation?


Michelle - posted on 01/27/2016




Have you spoken to her Grandparents? Why does she live with them and not you?
What do they say about it all? If they don't know about him then they aren't doing a very good job looking after her.


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Ev - posted on 06/05/2016




No 12 year old be it boy or girl needs a BF or GF at the age of 12. You are too young to understand what it means to be in a relationship and all that goes with it.

Machell--You said it was long distance. So that means you have never met the guy and for all you know he could be some adult trying to get you to eventually meet him somewhere unsafe. You can not trust all you see or read on the internet especially from people you do not even know. I would love to know why your parents do not monitor your internet usage.

Jodi - posted on 06/05/2016




OMG, you are not old enough for a relationship with ANYONE until you can write a message in English!! FFS, that was impossible to understand.

Machell - posted on 06/05/2016




I am 12 years old and i love him but i have been trying to tell him that im to young for hin and te say he dont. Care he dont wont to lose me and he treats me like sombody that he will die for and he all was tell me he loves me and all i can say is i love him back. But its a long districts relationship so its okay my mom dont know about him at all but i wont to tell her but im scard to i think she gone slap me and put me some where i dont wont to be. And tgats in a room with nothing but a bed and some books and light thats it

Dove - posted on 01/27/2016




If she lives w/ her grandparents instead of her own mother... there are a lot more issues there than just a 16 year old boyfriend.... which is extremely disturbing in and of itself. No 12 year old should have any age of a boyfriend.

If it were ME and my child at 12 (my girls are 14 and boyfriends are still a ways off) thought this was acceptable by any stretch of the imagination... she would not leave my sight or our home for a very long time.... but I don't know how I would handle it if I were you.

Raye - posted on 01/27/2016




A 16 year old with a 12 year old is disgusting. I hope she's lying, trying to get attention from you or something. If it's true, then that needs to stop immediately.

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