My 12 year old son is in secondary school and is being bullied by two 15 year olds in the same school. one has been excluded for five days for beating my son up but the other boy is still continuing to threaten my son. i feel the school are not doing enough to deal with this problem. what are my next steps to take to get this matter sorted out.


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Nicola - posted on 10/17/2012




There's a hierarchy. You talk to his tutor, then the Head, then you contact the governors and if needs be take it to the LEA. And if actual physical violence continues, the police too.

Vicki - posted on 10/17/2012




If your son is being threatend then i would call the police. Im with you on this bullying thing, it makes me angry that schools arent taking this more seriously. Have you tried calling the school board? If the principal isnt going to do somehing about it maybe that will force his hand?

Im sorry your son is going through this

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