My 12 year old son making out?

Mary - posted on 05/08/2015 ( 8 moms have responded )




I was doing the Laundry and I went into my 12 year old son's room to put his clothes in his dresser, as I walked in I see him on his bed with a girl that looked the same age as him, she was on top of my son and they were making out, but they didn't do anything too sexual, they were just kissing A LOT.

So, do I punish him for having girls in his room? This is normal right?

UPDATE: I've told my son about sex and such, he seems to understand and he says he won't do it again.


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Sloan - posted on 05/09/2015




Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that... as a parent to a daughter shame on her! Where are HER parents?! That's disrespectful on her behalf and she needs to learn how to respect both herself and others. I believe speaking with your son about what his understanding of what his actions are is the first step. Then setting ground rules and punishment I think to emphasize how not-okay the situation is.

Rebecca - posted on 05/08/2015




Have you talked with your son about sex yet? If not, that may be a good idea. He needs to understand what his actions could lead to and possibly save him a lot of heartache in the future. Could you take him out and go over some rules and boundaries regarding having friends over, especially girls? You could make him a part of the process by allowing him to ask questions and be involved in what the rules will be. Welcome to the teen years.


Dove - posted on 05/08/2015




Why are you allowing your 12 year old son unsupervised access w/ a girl in his room? No, you don't need to punish him... you need to talk to him about the seriousness of his actions and set some boundaries and rules... like no more girls in his room or one on one time w/ a girl... at all. Unless you WANT to be a grandma by the time he's 13...

Is he fully informed about sex, condoms, pregnancy, STDs, and why he should wait to have sex until he is an adult?

Jodi - posted on 05/08/2015




You need some rules on having friends in the home. Open doors, no girls in rooms, etc.

" she was on top of my son and they were making out, but they didn't do anything sexual, they were just kissing A LOT."

I'm not sure what planet you live on, but this is sexual.....

Michelle - posted on 05/08/2015




So don't you have rules about having friends of the opposite sex in your house?
If you don't then you need to set some ASAP like they aren't allowed in bedrooms, only in the common areas.

Mary - posted on 05/08/2015




Yes, I did know she was there, and I did know my son liked her, but I had no idea they would be doing this.

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