My 13 month old has 4 teeth, what can I feed her?

Thelia - posted on 12/15/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I only give her puree fruits and vegetables. I'm afraid to give her rice and meat because I don't want to have to puree it. I sometimes cook the fruits and vegetables than mash them. I need help on feeding her more foods and recipes


Only1Chance - posted on 12/15/2013




Hello, I can relate with my ,1st I was soo afraid also stuck w/ pureed foods. When my 2nd came along I was more "daring" gave her table food that I cooked, at an early age cant remember how many months exactly but waay before 13months. What I did was gave my 2nd baby pieces of small soft food (basically anything that is soft steamed carrots, banana, Pieces of grapes w/out skin, avocado.. get the picture? )and wouldn't put it straight in the middle of her tongue with a spoon, id (with clean hands & fingers of coarse)put it on the side gums where her missing mohlars were supposed to be lol. So that way she would feel it & learn to chew. Hope this helps. But by this time your baby should have no problem. With meats if you don't want to puree them, id suggest w/a knife chop it up into small pieces & as with all small children make sure the meat is tender. Good Luck :)

Amy - posted on 12/15/2013




She can eat whatever you eat just make sure it's cut up into tiny pieces, their gums are just as effective for chewing as teeth.


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